At Compassionate Home Health Care Inc., we pride ourselves on giving current students and recent grads internship opportunities that ultimately help shape and grow our mission every year. We partner with Fox Valley Technical Collect, UW- Oshkosh, and the W2 programs as well as surrounding schools to help find the right candidates for each role. With plans for our program "A Community that Cares" to grow each year, new responsibilities help our interns leverage their education and advance their performance here at CHHC.

TRICIA LOR - Marketing Assistant Intern

Trisha is a full-time student attending Fox Valley Technical College, she will be receiving her Associate’s degree in marketing this December of 2022. She’s known to be driven and passionate by putting awareness out there about Compassionate Home Health Care as well as supporting other small businesses in the community. Trisha’s vision is to be creative in different ways and to create content that’s fun, awesome, and authentic. She loves creating content for websites and on social media, on her days off she’s adventurous and would find new places to eat, walk, and hang out with her husband. She also loves listening to music and to murder mystery podcasts.

Lindsay Otto - Marketing Intern

Lyndsey is currently a student at Fox Valley Tech studying marketing. She loves social media and staying up to date on all of the current trends. Lyndsey is currently an intern for Compassionate Home Health Care and assists in various marketing needs.

Lyndsey grew up in Greenville, WI and currently resides in Appleton. Spending time with friends, shopping, and reading are a few activities Lyndsey loves to do in her free time.

Denise Houshour - Human Services Leadership

Denise is a Human Services Leadership student at UW Oshkosh. She has always been dedicated to providing resources and support to her community and this opportunity with Compassionate Home Health Care has fulfilled this passion. Denise is skilled at grant writing, event coordination, and community engagement. Over the years, she has advocated for underserved groups, with special focus for veterans and children with special needs.

In her free time, you can find Denise Volunteering with local pet rescues and special events that support her community. She is often camping with her husband, two kids and dog as well as going to local concerts, comedy clubs, or a deep hike in the woods!

Bion Ward - Web Designer

Dabbling in web design and majoring in volunteer work, Bion joined the Compassionate team in 2019. Fresh out of Fox Valley Technical College with almost 15 years serving in the Black Creek Lions Club back home, he seeks a future with CHHC and its associates in hopes to make a huge difference in the lives of people less fortunate than himself.

Jazmine Haygood - Grant Writer

After graduating from UW-Eau Claire with her BA, Jazmine became a marketing Operations Analyst who volunteers her time as a grant writer with Compassionate Home Health Care. Gaining a passion for volunteering at a young age, Jazmine has dedicated her life to helping others. From gathering donations, cooking food for the homeless, coordinating events to educate citizens and eradicate human trafficking in Wisconsin or writing grants – Jazmine is serving our community.

Aside from working to create A Community That Cares, a few other words to describe her would be: cat lover, comic book buff, nerd enthusiast and board game fanatic.

Danial Buchinger - Marketing Assistant

Dan is a Marketing student at Fox Valley Technical College at Compassionate Home Health Care he creates social media content and updates. He is so proud to be a part of a team and loves to reach out to his community and people in need that Compassionate Home Health Care helps provide needed supplies.

Dan resides in Appleton. In his spare time; he listens to a vinyl collection of over 300 albums and watches movies. He is married and has two dogs, Abbey A Buchinger and Hazel a terrier, Chihuahua.

Andrew J. Brookly
Web Developer and Social Media Intern

Andrew is a Web and Software Development student at Fox Valley Technical College. He was born and raised in Ripon WI. At Compassionate Home Health Care, Andrew works on the Website and Social Media updates. Andrew is proud to work for Compassionate Home Health Care and is happy that there is such a wonderful organization in his community.

In his spare time Andrew enjoys fixing and building computers. Camping with his family, reading and writing.

Cayci Diedrich - Marketing Intern

Cayci is a Marketing grad from Fox Valley Technical College. At Compassionate Home Health Care, Cayci worked on updating and maintaining the company’s social media pages and main website. She also communicated directly with partners and community supporters to help ensure success for the campaign. Cayci has now moved on to bigger things. We are sad to see her go but wish her the best of luck with all of her future endeavors.

Cayci’s favorite thing about interning at CHHC is being involved in a positive non-profit organization that continues to grow each year, and she loves seeing the support they receive from the community.

Cayci was born and raised in Appleton, WI and working for Compassionate Home Health Care has ensured her of the good that is happening around her community.

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