The #HolidayGivingCampaign began in 2011, and each year until 2016, generating items and cash donations and supported just over 90 people. In 2017 Compassionate Home Health Care (CHHC) pivoted it’s missions towards Community Engagement program “A Community that Care’s” through our annual#HolidayGivingCampaign. Collecting items and cash donations which made it possible for us to reach over 900 people. The campaign holds different events to help collect items with our local partners between Appleton and Green Bay. With the support of our volunteers, community supporters and partners, CHHC’s goal is to reach about 3000 people a year. In 2020 with the Pandemic we added our #letsmakeadifference campaign (equal to our annual #HolidayGivingCampaign). Compassionate Home Health Care was able to reach over about 9600 people in 2020 with both campaigns. Between 2011-2022–we have been able to reach just over 30,000 people.

Our goal is to help these individuals and their families have a cleaner and healthier start to their day. Our annual #letsmakeadifference and #HolidayGivingCampaign helps support community members who struggle to purchase household essentials. Our campaigns run all year long, our #HolidayGivingCampaign runs from October-December helping to collect the most urgent items needed are cleaning supplies, personal care items, laundry soap, garbage bags, and paper products, etc.

Each year for our #letsmakeadifference and #HolidayGivingCampaign, we work to ensure that we reach those who will greatly benefit from our donations. To do this, we partner with different organizations to help connect us with those in need. Our partners include, local ADRC’s (Aging and Disability Resource Centers), local Housing Authorities, Outagamie Housing Authority (River Flat Apartments), St. Vincent de Paul, NEW Community Shelter, Golden House, Green Bay VA, Center for Veterans Issues, House of Hope, Freedom House, St. John’s Homeless Shelter (men’s and womens), Transformation House, Helping Hands Caregivers, Grand View Townhomes, Oneida Heights, Harbor House, Pillars, WIXX Christmas Wish, NAHBRS (Veterans) and local area grade, middle and high schools.

We seek funding to help subsidize the high cost of personal care/hygiene items and cleaning supplies for community members who struggle to purchase basic needs. Our purpose is to help provide individuals with basic necessities as many people we serve.

Home health is not age, gender, or ethnically limited. These times will be stressful for everyone, especially those who don’t always have the means for basic personal care/hygiene and cleaning necessities. decide between living in a healthy, clean space and food.

Ahava Salon and Spa – Appleton, WI                                                     Global Recognition Inc. – Green Bay, WI

GameDay – Appleton, WI                                                                      Simonet’s Bar – Green Bay, WI

Cooney’s Embroidery & Sportswear – Appleton, WI                                  Art Garage – Green Bay, WI

The Tenth Frame – Appleton, WI                                                           The Rite Place – Green Bay, WI

The Bulk-Priced – Greenville, WI                                                           The Sardine Can – Green Bay, WI

Copper Rock – Appleton, WI                                                                 Overtime Grill & Pub – Green Bay, WI

The Bar – Appleton/Green Bay, WI                                                        Helping Hands Caregivers – Green Bay, WI

Faith Technologies – Appleton, WI                                                          R & D’s House Divided – Green Bay, WI

Modern Woodmen of America – Appleton, WI                                           Richard Craniums – Green Bay, WI

Maloney’s – Kaukauna, WI                                                                     The Goal Post Bar & Grill – Green Bay, WI

The Arc Contracting – Neenah, WI                                                          WFRV Local 5 – Green Bay, WI

Jewelers Mutual – Neenah, WI                                                                Jill’s Bar – Green Bay, WI

Galvan’s – Appleton, WI                                                                         Blue Collar Bar & Grill – Green Bay, WI

Appleton Midwest Dental – Appleton, WI                                                  The Watering Hole – Green Bay, WI

Cleo’s – Appleton, WI                                                                             Turn it up Tap – Green Bay, WI

The Enchanted Florist – Hortonville, WI                                                    BB’s Bar & Grill – Green Bay, WI

Badger State Brewing – Green Bay, WI                                                      Mr. Brew’s – Appleton, WI

Studio 54 – Shiocton, WI

Donation Drop Off Locations