Hello Compassionate Home Health Care family, friends, sponsors, partners and our community. First and foremost, we hope you are all safe and doing well during this time.  As you know, we run an annual #HolidayGivingCampaign from October through December. If there ever were a time for this campaign, it’s now; we are calling it #letsmakeadifference campaign.  Same concept, just different time of the year and a proper name for the campaign. We are hoping to partner with you during this time. Be part of our “A Community that Care’s” program #letsmakeadifference together!

We are looking for drop locations, during your curbside pick up orders, if someone has a donation, they can pass it to you or drop it into the box/bucket provided ( while they collect their take out orders, or other essential business’s). Compassionate Home Health Care has partnered with WestRock who will be supplying the collection boxes. Compassionate Home Health Care will come and collect these items weekly and distribute to those most in need through our partners who provide the vetting for us. Please know that Compassionate Home Health Care will take all precautions to collect and distribute these donated items safely.  

As we face these challenging times, with COVID-19 social restrictions. Compassionate Home Health Care and it’s local partners want to help educate and advocate for those who are most vulnerable. With you our amazing Community to continue to step up. We are all helping do our part by supporting local businesses that are currently allowed as essential business to keep their doors open and work to help serve the communities we live in. As many of you know, Compassionate Home Health Care supports an annual #HolidayGivingCampaign by collecting personal care/hygiene items and cleaning supplies to distribute to our community members who are in need. We would like to bring this back ASAP and help those who are challenged by this outbreak, through our #letsmakeadifference campaign! We will be working with our local essential business, restaurant, bar, pub owner partners to be drop locations for collections during this time. 

CHHC began in 2010 and our mission has been to provide household essentials (personal care/hygiene and cleaning supplies) and help support personal care services/programming for children, elderly individuals and those with disabilities or special needs.

We seek funding and supplies to help subsidize the high cost of personal care/hygiene items and cleaning supplies for community members who struggle to purchase basic needs. Our purpose is to help provide individuals with basic necessities as many people we serve have to decide between living in a healthy, clean space and food.

Our goal is to help individuals and their families have a cleaner and healthier start to their day. Home health is not age, gender, or ethnically limited, nor is COVID-19. These times will be stressful for everyone, especially those who don’t always have the means for basic personal care/hygiene and cleaning necessities. We hope you will consider this mutually beneficial opportunity with Compassionate Home Health Care to remember those in need and be a part of our “A Community That Care’s” program step up and be part of our  #letsmakeadifference campaign. 

Funds received will be used to support this campaign, purchasing and collecting personal care/hygiene products and household cleanings supplies. These donations will go to those in our community who may be more challenged by COVID-19 more than ever before, deciding between eggs or toilet paper, milk or shampoo, bread or soap, groceries or cleaning supplies. 

Our ultimate goal is to help these individuals and their families have a cleaner, healthier, and happy start to every day.

Compassionate Home Health Care is ready to take action to help where we can with those individuals that don’t have the means to. Our on-going partner Helping Hands Caregivers  is kicking into high gear. They are partnering and assisting with resources and the community to help to serve our most vulnerable populations. You are an amazing community that has stepped up before for our #HolidayGivingCampaign, we hope you will step up again with our #letsmakeadifference campaign. 


Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer, paper towels, toilet paper, hand/bar soap, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, cleaning supplies.



Sangria’s Mexican Grill

215 S Memorial Dr, Appleton, WI 54911

Stone Toad Bar & Grill

109 Oneida St, Menasha, WI 54952

The Bulk-Priced Food Shoppe

W6482 Greenville Dr, Greenville, WI 54942

Helping Hands Caregivers

509 W Walnut St, Green Bay, WI 54303

Robinson Florist & Greenhouses

444 S Washington St, Kimberly, WI 54136


CHHC’s #LetsMakeADifference PSA