Compassionate Home Health Care offers internships to students from local area middle schools, high schools, technical colleges, and the W2 program. We create opportunities for individuals to gain knowledge and training in area’s they may find interest in a future career. Helping to build confidence, character, skills, leadership, logistics and an understanding of processes of a campaign (our annual #HolidayGivingCampaign), project (our annual music festival #RocktheDockGreenBay) etc. from beginning stages to completion. Individuals can step into the program at anytime of the year and learn what processes are we are working towards at that time of either our annual #HolidayGivingCampaign and music festival #RocktheDockGreenBay, along with grant writing and funding submissions. 


Compassionate Home Health Care brings wisdom and collaboration, as a tool to help develop self-confidence, team work, leadership, creativite skills to individuals who want to learn, and understand how a campaign, event, grant writing, administrative, web design (marketing) all comes together at any given time of the year.  This will bring life skills, experience, and connections to individuals moving forward in their careers with higher education and more.