CHHC Inc Celebrates Three Years!


Today marks Compassionate Home Health Care Inc.s 3rd year in business. I’d like to thank those amazing caregivers and RN’s in the field for having the compassion needed to provide such services to our clients. Thank you to my office staff, without you all I’d have more than 5 grey hairs on my head. The work, the phone calls, and so much more never goes unnoticed. Thank you to my Right Arm Sally/Sarah Carpenter without you who would put me in my place and who would put you in yours when need be!? Thank you to the greater Fox Valley Community for allowing Compassionate Home Health Care Inc. to provide the services we can for you and your loved ones. Thank you to our new Governing Board of Directors and Advisory Board, the wit and knowledge you bring to the table is valued in more ways than one. And finally I’d like to thank my family and amazing friends for the support you give me daily to continue with the success of this amazing business. That which can’t bring you down really does make you stronger! I am truly grateful.

Dawn Ristow