Mission Statement

Compassionate Home Health Care is a not for profit agency that supports services for children, the elderly, veterans, those with disabilities, and those with special needs. Compassionate Home Health Care’s goal is to support services to our community members in their daily lives.  Our mission and purpose is to provide household basic needs such as personal care/hygiene and cleaning supplies to individuals and families who struggle to purchase these much needed items. As many we support have to decide between living in a healthy, clean space and food. An example is providing laundry detergent and shampoo will ensure less parents having to send their children to school in dirty close and without a shower.

Through our “A Community that Care’s” program our annual #HolidayGivingCampaign reaches individuals and families between Oshkosh, Appleton and Green Bay.


Core Values

Compassion, Advocacy, Respect and Excellence are our core values. Compassionate Home Health Care is working hard to bring these values to you. Our partners provide caregivers that are trained to support the core values of our organization. In the delicate art of personal in home care because we understand Independence is key to our community members.


At Compassionate Home Health Care, we offer a:

Sincere approach with

Understanding the needs of the individual while keeping a

Positive outlook and maintaining a

Purposeful intent while retaining an

Open-mind because everyone needs to be

Respected for who they are, and we will be

Trusted members of the community.


Our Vision

At Compassionate Home Health Care, we offer a (n):

Selfless attitude when giving support for community members

United approach that works for our community members best interests

Patient demeanor because of our respect for the human condition

Personable manner because our world is not perfect

Objective ear for listening carefully to the needs for our community members

Reliable source of support that community members can count on

True sense of security knowing we are a part of this community together


Non-Profit 501c3

Compassionate Home Health Care is a nonprofit, 501c3 organization. Our mission is to support services to the elderly, those with special needs and disabilities.  We are  here to serve for the people in our community.  CHHC strives towards on going project development.